The Reader

Clearly I enjoy reading. In 2016 I read 40 books (plus my own book about 11 times), and have read 14 books so far this year.

The Writer

Since June 2015, I’ve been working on my first Science Fiction novel. Set to be released March 31st, 2017, you can find out more on its website:

I’ve also been writing some short stories, none of which are published at this time.

The Developer

Mostly I build things for Planning Center. The base of operations is in San Diego, but there are a bunch of us spread all over the place (I’m in sunny Seattle, WA). A fantastic group of people.

Past Work

I used to do other things, most of which I’ve recorded here.

The City

Back in 2008, I founded and built a social network for churches called The City. It was acquired by Zondervan, a subsidiary of Harper Collins, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

I did some really neat stuff at competitive pricing, sales anomaly detection…stuff we would describe today as data science-like things. I’m quite proud of the team and technology I built there (we made a ton of money for AMZN, Jeff liked us, the team is now 10x the size as when I left), not so fond of the patents but they are at least descriptive:

Los Alamos National Lab

Way back in the day while a student at Cornell, I worked as an intern on the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory. I wrote a simple C++ program to model something about the neutral current detectors. It’s been too long that I honestly don’t remember, but the team at LANL was awesome and I learned a great deal about science and a bit about software. Thanks Pete and Andy!

Oh, and the chief scientist behind SNO jointly won the Nobel Prize in Physics 2015. Congratulations!

Planning Center

February 2012 – Present

The City

November 2008 – April 2011


November 1999 – January 2007

Los Alamos National Lab

Fall 1995, Summer 1996