Getting Started with Octopress

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Getting Started with Octopress

So I decided to use Octopress for all sorts of wonderful reasons…simple to setup, free to host on Github, looks nice, writing entries like I write code.

Here’s what I did to get it working (assumes you have the basics installed):

$ rvm install 1.9.2 && rvm use 1.9.2
$ git clone git:// octopress # from ~/code
$ cd octopress
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle update
$ rake install

Since Github Pages are so awesome, I decided to go with that for my “hosting”

After creating a repo I ran the initial setup:

$ rake setup_github_pages

Using the full when asked for a URL.

Then I modified my _config.yml to have for a URL and then made a CNAME file:

$ cat '' >> source/CNAME

Now I could build my initial pages

$ rake generate
$ rake deploy

And commit everything in Git.

$ git add .
$ git commit -am 'init'
$ git push origin source

Next, I had to tell Namecheap the score by setting:

@ A

And that’s the basics for getting setup with Github Pages and Octopress.