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Programming Phoenix

For free weeks this time around, I'm tinkering with this web framework built on top of Elixir. I'm not sure yet, but it's interesting.

Machines of Loving Grace

Often times, Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs are portrayed as being catastrophic to humanity. The author promotes a view where Intelligence Augmentation is more of a worthwhile goal and likely outcome. In other words, building intelligences that can help us, rather than overtake us. Honestly, the book was boring with the author meandering constantly with theme-less chapters. Wouldn't recommend it even though I like the topic.


The most thorough work on Artificial Intelligence which I have ever read. It concerns itself primarily with the pathways and risks associated with developing a true super-intelligence and makes a rather compelling case for it plausibly occurring in our lifetimes.

Smalltalk Best Practices

Want to write code in an Object Oriented Language that is nice for your future self and your friends? This is a good place to start. Provides names to common patterns and pitfalls.

Land of Lisp

There are a few programming books that I enjoy simply because they take a different approach. This book uses simple games to teach Lisp, and it's very well executed. Fun games, fun illustrations, much enjoy.

Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!

Haskell is a religion to which I'm not an adherent. I mean seriously, how many times have I been told that Functional Programming is the future. . .so when is that going to happen already? That said, great book for learning Haskell, really had fun reading it!


All the wizard references are fun for a bit, but I just didn't get that much out of this. Not sure why it's referenced so often.


I'll be honest, I skimmed through most of this, mostly to satisfy my curiosity on how compilers work. The thing is, if that is what you are after, there are much shorter tomes. This is an undergrad book.

The Little Schemer

Socratic method to learn Scheme? Yes please! Very well done and I recommend it extensively.

The Art of Computer Programming Volume 1

There is a group delusion when it comes to this series of books. Perhaps, it is like hazing, where individuals go through a bad experience and then force it on others, somehow feeling better about it in the process. This book is no longer relevant, and while it may serve a historical function for some, is not useful for programmers today.

The Algorithm Design Manual

Incredibly useful book for programmers today looking to learn about algorithms. If you think you should be reading TAOCP, you are wrong. Read this instead (unless you are building in a fictional Assembly language).