Science Fiction

The Player of Games

I read quite a few books this year that belong on canonical Best of Science Fiction lists, The City and the Stars, The Three Body Problem, and so forth.

Blood Music

Without a doubt, Blood Music by Greg Bear is an ingenious work of science fiction.

The Forever War

The Forever War marks my first foray into the genre of science-fiction known as Space Marine

Second Foundation

And now it is time to review Second Foundation, the final book in the original Foundation Trilogy. Again Asimov has crafted his book into two main parts, the

Foundation and Empire, Part 1

Published in two parts, this is truly two complete stories in one. The first part "The General" was published in April 1945 in Astounding Science Fiction as "Dead Hand", with the latter part "The Mule"...


I will make no attempt at a critical review, in the traditional sense, instead I will just

Reading List Update

A long time ago I brought up the matter of reading Computer Science books to backfill my education on the matter.