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The Dark Side of Why I Write Software

Motivation is a big part of programming for me. Why I do what I do...why write programs when there are many other options for what to do with the hours in which I work? And closely related, why write _this_ kind of program vs another kind of program?

An Amazon Story

This last week I was sitting with friends around a campfire and told the following true story. They found it rather interesting, so I figured it was worth retelling. The truth is, my career has been a really weird one...there's nothing linear about any of the progression through work that I've ...

Setting Up Go

Having helped a couple dozen people get going with Go

Introduction to Go (golang), Part 1

If you read this blog for any amount of time you’ll know that I really like technology, specifically web development technologies. I’ve written about my experiences with Ruby on Rails, Batman, and a few curiosities along the way.