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Solving a Hard Problem for Ruby with Go

About a year ago, I was tasked with solving a hard problem (a tricky resource reservation problem with arbitrary quantities and spans). As with all problems, there were constraints in this case use Ruby, use MySQL, make it respond in under 100ms, handle spikey traffic.

ActiveModel: Model

I started reading ahead into ActiveRecord…whoa…that’s some crazy stuff right there. Mind was blown with the sprawling nature of it…so many avenues and byways of logic, it’s going to take some serious time to get to the bottom of that. In the mean time, let’s jump into ActiveModel in earnest....

ActiveSupport::Concern Digression

It happened again. While reading through ActiveModel I realized that I had skipped over something cool in ActiveSupport, so I’m going to circle back and cover it.

ActiveModel: Autoloading Digression

Having just returned from vacation I now continue my read through of the Ruby on Rails source code by looking at Active Model.

ActiveSupport: Testing and Stringy Booleans

One of the things that I really like about the Ruby community is the serious focus on testing. When you’ve really got your testing dialed in, there’s a tremendous sense of peace knowing that you can refactor to your heart’s content…and add new functionality of course…that too.