Setting Up Go

Having helped a couple dozen people get going with Go, I know that one of the sticking points is getting their workspace setup correctly. If you are familiar with UNIX, you can skip this post.

When you boil it down, you need to:

  • Install Go
  • Make directories
  • Set environment variables

Install Go

99 times out 100 using Homebrew will be exactly what you need:

brew install go

After it finishes, make sure you can find it:

which go

If things are setup correctly, your prompt will be showing the path to Go. Good, you’ve got Go.

Make Directories

You can technically set this up however you want, but I like:

mkdir -p ~/Code/go/{pkg,src,bin}

This will make three directories inside Code/go in your home directory. Huzzah, super easy!

Set Environment Variables

And here is the part that people find tricky. You first need to know what shell you are using. Try this:

echo $SHELL

If it says something with “bash”, the file you will be changing is .bashrc. There is a fun gotcha though with bash in that you will likely need to change .bash_profile first, make sure it has:

[[ -s ~/.bashrc ]] && source ~/.bashrc

If it says something with “zsh”, the file you will be changing is .zshrc. You don’t need to make changes to another file.

Changing .zshrc or .bashrc

Based on the above, you are now going to change whichever one from above. Specifically you are going to add at the bottom of the file:

export GOPATH=$HOME/Code/go

This does two things, first it sets up your GOPATH which is absolutely essential for Go to work on your system. The second line adds all the binaries you will be making with go install available in your path so your shell can find them.

NOTE: editing these files does nothing to change your current session! To avoid weirdness, I suggest opening a new terminal window now and closing the one you are working in.

Check for Changes

Ok, you are in the new terminal window…type

echo $GOPATH

If this comes back empty, then the file you changed above is not getting called by whatever shell you are using. You have to fix that now.

Then check your PATH:

echo $PATH

If it includes /Users/NAME/Code/go/bin then you are ready to Go!

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