The Player of Games (Culture)

Recently I decided to try something a little unusual. While reading Look to Windward for the second time, I took notes on every beat of the story. It was such a useful and engaging practice, that I decided to repeat the exercise with my other favorite Banks book, The Player of Games.

Since writing my last “review” of TPoG, I believe I have purchased at least five copies of the book to give to friends and family members. I’ve read/watched everything available online by way of reviews or Banks’ own comments about the story itself. In short, I’ve studied TPoG.

And yet there were still many layers to the story which I hadn’t uncovered until I tried this technique. Rather than a dry exercise, it helped me engage with the story even more, not letting a drop of nuance slip through my sometimes distracted mind.

I will definitely do this with other books I admire, very illuminating.

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