The Hydrogen Sonata (Culture)

This is slightly more difficult to review, mostly because I was sad during the entire reading of the novel as it was the very last of the Culture series. This has been my favorite series in all of science fiction (even with the up and down of some of the more experimental volumes) and with the untimely passing of Mr. Banks, there will not be another. Ever.

It’s all too sad.

That said, this story was good but not in the top tier of the Culture, at least by my estimation. The central idea of the book is, what would happen if a civilization about to ascend to a higher plane of existence, found out on the eve of their great rapture, that their civilization’s religion was entirely false?

There are some interesting characters, action, and so forth, but the prose runs a bit purple in places and the maximalism that I normally enjoy got even a bit too maximal for me.

Still though, I’d happily read it again just to spend another minute with the Culture.

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