Worldbuilding Continues

There’s just something about a long break; I feel so recharged and flush with ideas for the world and story of my next book. This is notable, perhaps, as it highlights one of the changes in direction from my first book.

Since Singular was set a few minutes into the future, the aspect of worldbuilding was largely a set of variations off the world we’ve come to know and tolerate. My next novel, set to begin a series, will be set in the distant future, largely disconnected from our little neck of the galaxy.

This level of separation is quite exciting for me, as I can dream up all sorts of worlds, rather than sticking with the range of experience plausible for this one. For those familiar with the term, you’ll recognize that I plan on leaving Hard Science Fiction behind and embracing more of the characteristics of a Space Opera (which doesn’t mean what you think it means, think: Star Wars, SA Corey, and the Culture).

Anyway, just a little update on where things are going. Story writing hasn’t begun, but backstory for the world and characters is under way.

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