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Reading List Update

Published 2015-05-02 2 min read
A long time ago I brought up the matter of reading Computer Science books to backfill my education on the matter. My formal education is in Physics and Math, so the thought of reading academic works was actually quite appealing to me.
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The Dark Side of Why I Write Software

Published 2014-05-08 4 min read
Motivation is a big part of programming for me. Why I do what I do…why write programs when there are many other options for what to do with the hours in which I work?
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An Amazon Story

Published 2014-04-18 4 min read
This last week I was sitting with friends around a campfire and told the following true story. They found it rather interesting, so I figured it was worth retelling. The truth is, my career has been a really weird one…there’s nothing linear about any of the progression through work that I’ve chosen.
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An Incomplete Education

Published 2012-04-28 1 min read
I didn’t study Computer Science in college, and to a degree, I’ve always wondered what I missed. Almost 30 years ago, I learned to program the first computer in our home, the venerable Timex Sinclair ZX81.
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